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HEY! I'M A LOVING god fearing MOTHER OF 5 (2 GIRLS, 3 BOYS), A SISTER, AUNT, BEST FRIEND, SUPPORTER AND JUST OVERALL A HARD WORKING WOMAN. I originally started my first business during the pandemic in 2020, after doing extensive research on how to lower my blood pressure. A couple weeks past and i stumbled across a natural and organic product that i ordered online and tried out ...which provided me much success and i wanted to share my discovery and offer it to many others that may have similar issues. So i started selling organic fruits and herbs to help maintain a healthy diet as well as body products to help women look, feel and smell beautiful. Self care is so neglected sometimes so just providing those and creating my own products to help give that confidence back means everything. I take great pride in supplying the best products with quality ingredients with each product that is 'personally' crafted, tested, improved, finalized and mostly produced by me.

Before launching Kandles by kash in 2022 I spent roughly six months testing and perfecting my candle making process to provide high-quality candles and wax melts. I test all of my products to ensure they all meet high quality standards. The great thing about buying from a small business is an actual person is handling your order. Each order is checked for quality assurance before leaving our hands. I have put my heart and soul in this business. I am proud of the products we offer and I know you will love them as much as I love making them! 

 I didn't really know what I was doing or where starting this company would take me but I was always a big dreamer and growing up with not that many entrepreneurs in my family it was always what I wanted to be "when I grew up"

I have always had a passion for great smelling candles and setting the perfect atmosphere for somewhere you relax after a hard days work, Just put your feet up, have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (my favorite) and unwind. Also with the rise of eCommerce and internet business, there has been a noticeable lack of customer service in the market. No one likes to feel like they are "just another customer" or "just another order"! I pride myself on excellent quality candles and scented products that you can trust!  

My background as an Interior Decorator, Credit Specialist and so many other hats that i have worn since i started the work force at 16 has all helped me. As well as my love for cooking and being so creative helped curate the details that bring Organics By Kash & Kandles By Kash to life. With my new found passion for home design and creating inviting spaces, I think the perfect addition to any space is a fresh fragrant smelling candle.

I hope to one day have a store front to serve my local customers and have events to host plus be able to teach future upcoming candle makers., i also would like to start a program for kids and teens to have something fun and educational to do.

Lastly, I pray this business is something that I can pass down to my children as a reminder to them that if you dream big enough you can achieve it. 

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