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These Cinna Crunch Sugar Cookie Wax Melts are simply delicious smelling and blasted with a fragrance with tons of cinna toast crunch flavor and finished with a cream cheese frosting. They have an epic scent combination of cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla and topped with our cinna crunch embeds and drizzle.

Weight Of Each Cookie Varies From 1.7 To 2 Oz

****Care instructions *****

Break your cookie in two or place whole cookie in the warmer based on its size 

Scent throw can vary depending on your warmer, room size, air flow, etc. in the area you are using.

For best results use a 20 to 25 watt Lightbulb in your warmer.

Cinna Crunch Sugar Cookies Wax Melt | 5 Pack | Cookie Wax | Gift | Cereal Cookie

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