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Get a whiff of Milk’s Favorite Cookie! If you’ve ever wanted to trick your guests into thinking they just stumbled onto a tour of the OREO factory, our deliciously-scented Cookies & Cream Sugar Cookie wax melt is exactly what you need!

Yum! It’s delicious smell of sugar cookies, chocolate with creamy vanilla sugar in the middle.

Prominent scent notes:

Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Cream, Cocoa Powder & Chilled Milk

Each Cookie Varies In Weight From 1.7-2 Oz

The look of layers may vary from photos with each batch made! 

Place whole cookie or desired amount in warmer or oil burner and enjoy the sweet creamy aroma of your favorite desert in scoopable form! 

For best results use a 20 to 25 watt Lightbulb in your warmer.

Cookies & Cream Sugar Cookie Wax Melt | 5 Pack | Embed | New

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