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Yummy, gooey, sweet and crunchy! Sweet, creamy whipped Crispy Marshmallow Treat Waxmelt smell as good as it looks with an aroma of vanilla and sugar blended together to give you a heavenly sweet and awesome treat! Just like the popular treats you know. 

Scent Notes:
Top Note – Vanilla
Middle Note – Sugar, Marshmallow
Bottom Note – Butter

You Can Choose Between Adding Drizzle Or Leaving Plain…Same Great Scent. Add These To Your Warmer Or Own Candle Creations.

These Weight Between 0.85-0.90 Oz

Choose Either A 8 Pack (7 Oz) Or 16 Pack (14 Oz)

Crispy Marshmallow Waxmelt | Highly Scented | Fake Food | Dessert Wax

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