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Fragrance oil blending is perhaps the easiest way to distinguish your work from other candle lines. Not only is it a fun exercise in creativity, it allows you to produce unique aromas unlikely to exist anywhere else.


But where do you start? Right Here! What are the rules? Surprisingly, and perhaps frustratingly, blending has no rules.




Zip. Zilch. Nada



Many scents in these recipes are already blended to a degree. For example, blending Blueberry Muffin with French Vanilla, so it’s okay to mix “pre-blended” fragrances into a blend.


Combining two fragrances with complex note profiles creates a unique fragrance with its own note profile.


This E-book comes with 18 pages of valuable information on how and what to blend with over 150 scent recipe's. I also include 10 fragrance vendors who i currently use that have amazing quality and long lasting fragrances.



Fragrance Formula Mixing For Success E-book

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