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Coreless Braided Wick Design - Great Scent Throw - Self-Trimming

Flat, braided wick designed without a core. The coreless design minimizes the carbon buildup that causes mushrooming.

Primed with clean-burning paraffin wax. The high melt point of this wax (212°F) helps keep wicks straight as you work with molten wax.

Designed with stabilizing threads that create an even, consistent flame with minimal soot and smoke.

Versatile wicks that are great for any type of wax. LX wicks are ideal for paraffin blends and vegetable (soy) waxes. Perform well in container candles as well as pillars.

Length: 6"

Tab size: 20mm round base with a 6mm neck that helps stabilize the wick.

Lead and zinc free.

Lx-18 Pre Tabbed Wick 6 Inch (86 Count)

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