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A strawberry cupcake lovers dream... This handcrafted Strawberry Crunch Cupcake candle is scented with fresh strawberries, cookies and sweet buttercream frosting that smells just as it looks, delicious! This can also just be placed on a warmer so you won’t have to light.

Cupcakes are not just for kids' birthday parties anymore. They've become extremely popular and more decorative as they grace tables at elegant weddings, showers, and holiday gatherings.

BONUS: Golden cookie may be removed and used as wax melt.

*Please keep out of reach of children

NOTE: If you choose to melt this cupcake candle, make sure it is sitting level and on a safe candle holder.

5 Oz

Burn Time: Up To 45 Hrs

Strawberry Crunch Cupcake Waxmelt | Cupcake Wax | Wax Crumble Cupcake | Wax

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