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This Jar Is 8 Oz

These Strawberry Crunch Dessert Wax Jars are amazingly scented with fresh strawberries and a buttery rich cookie fragrance that is also layered and topped with strawberry and whip topping. Sounds delicious right? But no it’s not for consumption 😩 put this is your warmer and your home with the smell of sweet goodness.

The look of layers may vary from photos with each batch made! 

Scoop desired amount in warmer or oil burner and enjoy the sweet creamy aroma of your favorite desert in scoopable form! 

For best results use a 20 to 25 watt Lightbulb in your warmer.

Strawberry Crunch Dessert Scoopable Wax Jar | 8 Oz | Highly Scented | New

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