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Wow! This smells exactly like a ice cream strawberry shortcake! If you like sweet or bakery scents, this one is amazing! Please don't eat this one! :) This creamy dessert was my favorite growing up and still is today! Now I can smell the delicious scent of fresh strawberries and a buttery rich cookie fragrance that is also layered and topped with our best seller strawberry crunch and a cream drizzle.

Each Popsicle Weighs Around 1.2 Oz

Comes In 4 Count Or 8

** Does Not Come In Decorative Box Shown


Never leave your hot burner unattended and keep away from any flammable objects. Do NOT eat and keep away from children and pets. Use only in appropriate burners made for wax melts. Can be used in both tea light and electric wax burners. Recommended burn time is around 2 - 4 hours at a time. To clean, use cotton balls or pads to soak up leftover wax but be careful as wax may still be hot to touch.

Purchasing this product means you have read the safety guidelines and will follow them accordingly.

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicle Waxmelt | Ice Cream Waxmelt | New | Strawberry Wax

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