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Looking for a sweet and fruity aroma to fill your home? Look no further than our Strawberry Sugar Wax Embeds/Melts! These embeds are perfect for use in candles or as decor, adding a fresh and juicy fragrance to any room.

With around 35 strawberries in each 8 oz package, you'll have plenty of these delightful embeds to use. And if you need even more, you can choose the one-pound option. Each strawberry weighs about 0.2 oz, making them the perfect size for use in any candle.

Our Strawberry Sugar Wax Embeds/Melts are available scented or unscented. But we highly recommend choosing the scented option! The aroma of fresh-picked strawberries with just the right amount of fragrance will awaken your memories of sun-soaked summer days and ripe juicy fruit.

Made from high-quality soy blend wax, these embeds will hold their scent over time without losing their shape or melting too quickly. So sit back and relax as our exquisite sweet smell wafts through your home- it's like having summer all year round!

Treat yourself (and your home) with a scrumptious blend of freshly picked summer strawberries blended with sweet wild berries, cream and pure white sugar- all captured within these amazing wax melts!

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