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This is a set of (6) 3D Printed soap dishes in varying random colors. We made these on our 3D printer. Some may have a metallic sheen and some may be more of a pastel matte color. They are made of plastic, with the word "SOAP" spelled out and the letters work as risers to keep the soap dry. Soap "bubbles" are the drain holes on the bottom (you can use the holes to stick a suction cup or two in them to hold the dish in place if you want to). Some of these dishes may have a two-tone color appearance, some green to aqua, some red to purple, etc. These dishes are 5" x 3.5" x 0.75" high and are big enough to hold full-sized soap bars.

We will send a random assortment of colors with no exact duplicates in a set.

3D Printed Soap Dish Set, 6 pc

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