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Our Mini Candy Chocolate Chip Cookie wax melts/embeds have Colorful candy pieces that will stand out from the rest and a wonderful aroma of freshly baked cookies with base notes of semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla. These wax melts look exactly like chocolate chip cookies! They are scented in a special custom blend chocolate chip cookie fragrance. PLEASE DO NOT EAT!

Each wax melt fills your space with heart-warming, invigorating and unique scents. These simple, easy-to-use scented wax melts allow you to add a delightful aroma of candle scents to any room of your home, without ever having to light a candle. But can also be used in your own candle creations to create your beautiful candles.

Cookies weigh individually between 0.3-0.4 Oz

Candy Choco Cookie Wax Melts | Candle Food | Candle Embeds | Wax Cookies

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