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Donut Worry. Be Happy. Enjoy the sweet and savory aroma of a warm, fresh donut tossed in brown sugar and cinnamon. This scent is almost good enough to eat! And looks just as good to eat also! An irresistible sugar & spice fragrance. These sweet smelling wax melts will make your home smell as good as the donuts you love!

Our wax melts are a great alternative to flame burning candles as you can use them in your favorite wax warmer container. Or in your own candle creations.

The size of a small donut that you get from the store (powered donut size in the packages)

Weight .9 to 1 Oz Per Donut 🍩

Available In 6 And 12 Count

Cinna Sugar Donut Waxmelts | Waxmelts For Warmer | Bakery Waxmelts | Cinnamon

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