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Our Kiwi Emulsified Sugar Scrub, also known as body polish, is scented with the wonderful balanced blend of fresh Kiwi essential oil and flavoring, rounded out with just the right amount of Kiwi. So fresh and fruity!! Trust me it’s a must have.

Its packed with skin loving oils that provides smooth skin and a youthful glow!!!!

Put one of these in your shower to gently exfoliate your skin while moisturizing at the same time.....2 in 1. Put one on your sink to help you keep those winter hands at bay. Also a perfect gift for a family or friend to have.

Directions: Rub a small amount on your skin while in the shower, let stand for a minute before rinsing away. Because these are emulsified, there is no need for lotion!

Fresh Kiwi Sugar Body Scrub | Exfoliate | Skin Care | Gift | Kiwi | Bath Scrub

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