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Our embeds/wax melts are made from the highest quality soy blend wax with the aroma of fresh, juicy strawberries with just the right amount of fragrance that will awaken your memories of sun, summer and the delicious, ripe, juicy fruit. It will hold you over until the warm evenings of summer come back around... relax and enjoy the exquisite sweet smell as it wafts through the air. Enjoy the fragrance of a scrumptious blend of freshly picked summer strawberries, sweet wild berries, cream and pure white sugar.


These highly scented strawberry wax crumbles can be added to your creative candles or an be put in your melter. Available in different bundle packages so you may choose how much you go ahead and add a special touch with our crumbles and bring your candles to life.

Strawberry Halves & Crunch Bundle | Embeds For Candles | Waxmelts

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