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The smell of Fluffy, delectable mashmallow whipped with vanilla, raw sugar cane and heavy cream. Big, billowy, candy-like clouds flitter across a baby blue sky. Sugar-coated dreams awaken, with childlike imagination! Perhaps they smell of sugary treats, or the sweetest of sweets? Who’s to know with these wondrous confections, floating by in the happy, blue sky? A delicious kiss of smooth vanilla whipped cream maybe? Yes, and some fluffy marshmallows too!

**Choose From Several Scents Or Unscented.

*These Are the size of regular (small) marshmallows.

*Comes In 7 Oz or 14 Oz

*Can Be Used As Embeds Or In Your Own Candle Creations.

*Container Above Or Similar Is Only Provided On Largest Oz

Jumbo Marshmallow Fluff Wax Embeds | Wax Melts | Fake Food | Realistic Fake Food

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