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Did someone say Chocolate Sprinkles? Yep! now available in chocolate….delicious chocolatey scented made from a high-quality soy blend wax, these handcrafted sprinkles melt seamlessly, adding a touch of whimsy to your creations without worrying about clogging up the wick. From cakes, donuts and cupcakes to cookies and ice cream candles, these sprinkle wax melts are the perfect addition for any sweet lover.

Available scented in a milk chocolate or unscented that way does not interfere with the scent of your candle. These sprinkle waxmelts perform just as well as our other exceptional products.

Take your candle-making game up a notch with this fun addition that will certainly capture attention. Keep an eye out for upcoming color options and scented sprinkles!

*These Are Unscented Or Scented….You Choose

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