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Peach Rings Wax melt by KBK delivers the best of both with a natural & nostalgic aroma that takes you on a trip down memory lane each and every time you put this on your warmer. Made with a mold using real peach rings to give a more realistic effect and also hand painted.

Smells just like the sweet gummy peach rings that you ate as a kid... or maybe you still judgement here, they are delish! This scent has notes of peach, vanilla, raspberry, and hints of floral.

Comes in 15 or 30 pack and can be used as melts or in your own candle creations. They are the size of a real peach ring.

Peach Rings Wax Melts | Peach Embeds | Childhood Candy | Wax Melts | DIY Candles

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