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Y🌺ni Oil


Size: 4 Oz


This signature yoni oil is filled with rose petals and essential oils, with one being sweet almond oil and coconut oil, etc. Best to apply after bath or shower while skin is still moist this body oil easily absorbs into the skin. Just like many other products we offer, it also helps to regulate your PH Balance, Removes Odor and Itching plus also helps Heal Psoriasis and Eczema and more . Our wonderful oil can also be used on the external part of your body and vaginal area to help moisturize and get rid of those reoccurring issues, and last but not least it can also be used within your bath water and more.




-Add to steamed water for yoni steams. Nourishes the yoni and reproductive system which is awesome.


-Apply after yoni steam for a sweet and floral scent. Moisturizes, soothes and heals your skin.


-Apply to sacred area before, during or after intimacy.


-Simply add this to your water for facial steams.

Benefits *Ph Balance *Ultra Moisturizer *Anti bacterial and anti fungal properties! *Effective agent against yeast and other fungal infection

Herbal Yoni & Body Oil | Body Moisturizer | Balance PH | Herb Infused | Scented

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